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Polish Carolina Medical Center

The first procedure to install a cutting-edge Birmingham Hip Mid Head prosthesis for hip joints was performed by poland medical center. The center also uses custom-made prosthetics. These mechanisms are made specifically for each clinical instance and match the anatomical characteristics of the individuals.In the field of prosthetics, it has produced especially fruitful and successful results. Hintegra is a lower leg prosthesis that was first fitted by Carolina’s medical professionals in Poland. It is unique in both its qualities and structure. With these prostheses, users can resume their active lifestyles in full, including skiing and other sports.Complex manipulations are successfully carried out by Carolina Medical specialists, including the stabilization of spinal discs utilizing cutting-edge technical solutions, limb lengthening using the Taylor spatial apparatus, and Achilles tendon repair.Carolina additionally employs techniques linked to growth factors. This ensures prompt tissue restoration and vastly accelerates the healing process. The stem cell-based regenerative therapy used by the center’s specialists is injected during surgical manipulation.one of the first organizations in Poland to establish a distinct functional diagnosis unit. Using this technology, it is possible to evaluate the efficiency of rehabilitation programs and make the necessary changes to them while also thoroughly assessing the effects of excessive load on the musculoskeletal system.Doctors at the Carolina Center were the first in the nation to perform meniscus transplants and arthroscopic surgery procedures. They also performed the first ankle alloplasty in the European region.

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